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This document try to describe the process which let me successful build ArchLinux under other architectures.


A faster PC which installed ArchLinux, we'll use it to build packages for i586.

Step 1. Download PKGBUILD source

get required packages

pacman -S cvsup ccache

edit the /etc/abs/abs.conf enable arch,extra.

SUPFILES=(arch extra !unstable !community)

Maybe you can also get the testing version by Getting_Testing_PKGBUILDs. Execute abs to get PKGBUILDs in /var/abs, make a directory called i586, and copy base packages into it.

# abs
# mkdir /var/abs/i586
# cd /var/abs/i586
# cp -a ../base .

Step 2. Compile Require Packages

prepare the destination directory where we put the package. Here we use /home/i586/base(make the directory yourself), edit the /etc/makepkg.conf, modify following lines, we use -mtune option for x86 can also use the binary packages.

export CC="ccache gcc"
export CPP="ccache cpp"
export CXX="ccache g++"
export CARCH="i586"
export CHOST="i586-pc-linux-gnu"
export CFLAGS="-mtune=i586 -O2 -pipe"
export CXXFLAGS="-mtune=i586 -O2 -pipe"
export PKGDEST=/home/i586/base

compile all base directory

cd /var/abs/i586
makeworld /home/i586/base base

we can view the process by build.log and makepkg.log under /var/abs/i586/.

Step 3. Solve Problem during Compiling

Step 4. Share Built Packages for i586

Step 4. Install ArchLinux on i586 by bootable linux