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Arch and coLinux

Here you can find and provide infos about using Arch and colinux.

There is a page in the coLinux wiki for installing Arch here, which explains how to install it from scratch, but is more out of date. (As of Apr 21, 2006)

Using an Arch Linux image in coLinux

Using Remote_ArchLinux_Install and an existing archlinx installation I built a Arch Linux 0.7.1 base ext3 filesystem. To get a quick and working solution follow these steps:

  1. Download and install colinux 0.6.3.
  2. Download the ext3 Arch Linux image (116 Mb, extracts to 512Mb).
  3. Extract the files into your coLinux directory.
  4. Run the archlinux.bat. No worries if it complains about the hwclock.

Additional Notes