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Arch and coLinux

Here you can find and provide info about using Arch and colinux.

There is a page in the coLinux wiki for installing Arch here, which explains how to install it from scratch, but is more out of date. (As of Apr 21, 2006)

Using an Arch Linux image in coLinux

Using Remote_ArchLinux_Install and an existing archlinx installation I built a Arch Linux 0.7.2 base ext3 filesystem. To get a quick and working solution follow these steps:

  1. Download and install stable version and archlinux root fs for 2.6 kernel on colinux's project. The image size is reduced to 16M bytes only. Also read the notes.
  2. Extract the files into your coLinux directory.
  3. Run the ArchLinuxSlirp.bat

Additional Notes

  • You may want to to change ArchLinuxSlirp.bat for your network environment. (eg. eth0=slirp,,tcp:22/22 to let your putty could connect to linux box)
  • If you want more free space, use topresize to enlarge the fs image.
  • The alternate configuration uses the TAP driver. This should work out-of-the-box if you follow "Setting up native network (Bridged), Step 1: Option 1: native Windows network bridge"
  • The steps for build this mini-size image is on build_mini_arch.txt.
  • To run as a Windows service see this coLinux wiki page
  • current image fix /etc/rc.sysinit to use the 'static /dev', because colinux's stable version still using older kernel. And it seems hang on uevents when boot with brand new 2.6.15 colinux version(2006/07/31).
  • we don't need to modify /etc/rc.sysinit after colinux 0.8 beta, bacause it already support udev(2006/11/15).