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Arch and colinux

Here you can find and provide infos about using Arch and colinux.

There is a page in the coLinux wiki for installing Arch here.

Creating and using an ArchLinux Image in colinux

After reference the gentoo's colinux guide, and the RemoteInstall. We could build a archlinux based on gentoo's colinux version. Here is my result.

how to upload to arch linux, or colinux's ftp, please contact me

  • modify the default.colinux.xml as
<block_device index="0" path="\DosDevices\c:\coLinux\arch.1gb" enabled="true" />
  • run by
colinux-daemon.exe -c default.colinux.xml
  • edit the /etc/resolv.conf, added your nameserver on it

Booting Arch as an Windows Service using colinux

  • it is easy, just
 colinux-daemon.exe -c arch.xml --install-service colinuxarch
  • on windows service change it to automatic startup