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  • got first computer around 1984 - the ZX Spectrum+, followed by Atari 65XE, C64, Amiga 500 and then entered the PC world in 1996 (got a Pentium 133)
  • been using GNU/Linux on and off since 1999; first distro I ever booted up was tomsrtbt on a floppy disk; first "full blown" distro was Mandrake 5.2 "Leeloo" - loved that name back then but never really got to like RPM
  • tried RedHat, SuSE and many many many others before settling on Debian mainly to enjoy the vast number of packages in the repos and ease of package management with dselect and later aptitude
  • finally started using Linux full time on the desktop in 2005 by installing Kubuntu 5.10 "Breezy Badger" (yeah, the Debian for the lazy)
  • running Arch since September 2008, now on numerous systems at home and at work, and here to stay for good