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  • got first computer around 1984 - the ZX Spectrum+, followed by Atari 65XE, C64, Amiga 500 and then entered the PC world in 1996 (got a Pentium 133)
  • been using GNU/Linux on and off since 1999; first distro I ever booted up was tomsrtbt on a floppy disk; first "full blown" distro was Mandrake 5.2 "Leeloo" - loved that name back then but never really got to like RPM
  • tried RedHat, SuSE and many many many others before settling on Debian mainly to enjoy the vast number of packages in the repos and working with aptitude
  • finally started using Linux full time on the desktop in 2005 by installing Kubuntu 5.10 "Breezy Badger" (hey, it was Debian for the lazy!)
  • Arch-ing since September 2008 and here to stay