Installing Arch Linux in VMware (systemd)

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Notes: Only Systemd scripts part is systemd centric. (Discuss in Talk:Installing Arch Linux in VMware (systemd)#)

This article describes how to get Archlinux running in a VMWare virtual machine when you're using systemd as SysV replacement.


Please install the open-vm-tools, open-vm-tools-modules and the graphics driver from the Community and Extra repository:

 # pacman -S open-vm-tools open-vm-tools-modules xf86-input-vmmouse xf86-video-vmware

If you're booting into a graphical target you're almost done. /etc/xdg/autostart/vmware-user.desktop will get started which will setup most of the things needed to work with the virtual machine.

If you're booting into then you need to enable the vmtoolsd.service:

 # systemctl enable vmtoolsd.service

Enable shared folders

For shared folders to be working you need to have loaded the vmhgfs driver. Simply create the following systemd files:

Description=Load VMware shared folders


Description=Load VMware shared folders



Make sure that the folder /mnt/hgfs exists:

 # mkdir -p /mnt/hgfs

Enable the mount target with:

 # systemctl enable mnt-hgfs.automount

Enable 3d accleration

To enable 3d acceleration go to Edit virtual machine settings -> Hardware -> Display and enable the checkbox for Accelerate 3D graphics

Fix for problems

Mouse not working as expected

If you have the problem that mouse clicks are not registered in some programs you can try the following: edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf and comment out the section with the identifier evdev pointer catchall [xf86-input-vmmouse does not work expected]

Network connection not working

Add the following line to your .vmx file:

 ethernet0.virtualDev = "vmxnet3"

More informations about the network adpater types can be found on the following page: Choosing a network adapter for your virtual machine