Installing Cell Broadband Engine SDK

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The CBE SDK installation only supports the Fedora 9 or RHEL linux distributions. I managed to install it on my Arch Linux system with the help of a post in the gentoo forum, and doing some trial/error.

Required Packages

All of the following required packages are provided by the pacman databases and the versions should be recent enough.

Core repository:

  • gcc 4.x
  • glibc
  • perl 5.x
  • freeglut
  • gawk
  • bison
  • flex

Extra repository:

  • rpmextract
  • tcl
  • tk

To make sure all of these are installed:

# pacman -S gcc glibc perl freeglut gawk bison flex rpmextract tcl tk


Get ISOs and build the SDK

You'll have to download the two 3.1 SDK ISOs (Developer, Extra) for Fedora 9 manually from IBMs website, which requires free registration. Place them in a build folder, and get the cellsdk build files from the AUR, and place them in the same folder. Now the SDK is ready to be build, but you will have to do it as root because the PKGBUILD uses mount of loop-devices to extract packages from the ISOs. Build the SDK by running:

sudo makepkg --asroot

Now a cellsdk-3.1-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.gz should be ready for installation! Just run

sudo pacman -A cellsdk-3.1-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.gz

and now the SDK is installed and ready for use.

Running the Simulator

Go to /opt/ibm/systemsim-cell/ directory and type sudo ./systemsim -g You can run without root by changing the owner and group.

sudo chown -R /opt/ibm/systemsim-cell
sudo chgrp -R /opt/ibm/systemsim-cell 

cd /opt/ibm/systemsim-cell/bin/
./systemsim -g


Since the PKGBUILD does not run the official install script there is bound to be something not setup completely correct... Place a comment on the cellsdk AUR page.