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Setup and Installation

intel-composer-compiler-suiteAUR available in the AUR. To build the package, one needs a license file which is free for non-commercial use. The requisite license file is emailed to users upon [registration] and should be copied into the $startdir prior to running makepkg. The current PKGBUILD assembles 7 packages:

  • intel-compiler-base - Intel C/C++ compiler and base libs
  • intel-openmp - Intel OpenMP Library
  • intel-idb- Intel C/C++ debugger
  • intel-ipp - Intel Integrated Performance Primitives
  • intel-mkl - Intel Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL)
  • intel-sourcechecker - Intel Source Checker
  • intel-tbb - Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB)
Note: A minimal working environment requires a minimum of the two bolded packages.

Using icc with makepkg

There is currently no official guide to using icc with makepkg. This section is meant to capture various methods suggested by users. Please make a new sub-section with your suggested method titled as such.

Method 1

Modify /etc/makepkg.conf Inserting the following code under the existing line defining 'CXXFLAGS to enable makepkg to use icc.

if [ $_CC = "icc" ]; then
  export ICCCFLAGS="-xHOST -O3 -parallel" # modify to your liking
  export OCC="icc"
  export OCXX="icpc"
  export CFLAGS="${ICCCFLAGS}"
  export CC="icc"
  export CXX="icpc"
  export HOSTCC="icc"
  export LANG=C
Note: To toggle between the native gcc and icc, simple comment or uncomment the newly created '_CC variable.

Suggested Flags to Use with icc