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The irssi-otr module brings Off-the-Record Messaging to your favorite IRC client.


You can install the Irssi OTR module from the AUR. If you like to test bleeding edge software, there is also a Git version.


An example session ;)

/load otr
/query someone ?OTR?
Encypted message!
/otr finish
/unload otr

Automatic loading & unloading

Loading the module on startup

LOAD otr

Finishing conversations on /quit

/alias QUIT unload otr; quit

Stripping HTML

If you use irssi-otr with BitlBee you will notice that some clients send you HTML formatted messages. Normally BitlBee automatically strips the HTML formatting, but since the messages are encrypted this doesn't work anymore. Nevertheless you can achieve the same by stripping the HTML with regular expressions using the Trigger script. Just make sure you load the script before the otr module either manually or make your ~/.irssi/startup look like this:

LOAD otr
-privmsgs -nocase -tags 'BitlBee' -regexp '</?(a|b|body|div|em|font|i|s|u)( +\w+=".*?")*>' -replace  

Finally convert some escaped HTML characters:

-privmsgs -nocase -tags 'BitlBee' -regexp '&amp;' -replace '&' 
-privmsgs -nocase -tags 'BitlBee' -regexp '&gt;' -replace '>' 
-privmsgs -nocase -tags 'BitlBee' -regexp '&lt;' -replace '<' 
-privmsgs -nocase -tags 'BitlBee' -regexp '&quot;' -replace '"'