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#REDIRECt [[List_of_applications/Documents#Text editors]]
Joe's Own Editor or Joe is a text editor for Unix. It serves as a stand alone editor and has clones of [[Vim]], [[Emacs]], [[nano|Pico]] and WordStar. It has syntax highlighting for many common languages like Perl and C, and some for more uncommon languages like Haskell and Ada.
== Installing and Configuring ==
Joe can be installed with the {{pkg|joe}} binary package or can be built from [http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/joe-editor/joe-3.7.tar.gz?download source]. Extra syntax highlighting files can be found [https://github.com/cmur2/joe-syntax here]. Some are updated files and some are brand new ones like the Erlang syntax highlighting file.
Configuring is very straight forward, it's done through rc files, located in either /etc/joe/ or /usr/local/etc/joe depending on how you installed it. They can be edited there or copied to a home folder, for example /home/user/.joerc.
== See also ==
*[http://joe-editor.sourceforge.net/ Homepage]
*[[Wikipedia:Joe's Own Editor|Wikipedia entry]]

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