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To modify config.h:
To modify config.h:
* get jumanji-git PKGBUILD from AUR
* get jumanji-git PKGBUILD from AUR
* {{Codeline|makepkg}}
* {{Ic|makepkg}}
* {{Codeline|git --git-dir src/jumanji/ init}}
* {{Ic|git --git-dir src/jumanji/ init}}
* change src/jumanji/config.def.h
* change src/jumanji/config.def.h
* {{Codeline|makepkg -e}}
* {{Ic|makepkg -e}}
===rc file configuration===
===rc file configuration===

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jumanji is a web browser that provides a minimalistic and space saving interface as well as an easy usage that mainly focuses on keyboard interaction like vimperator does


Method 1: AUR (Recommended)

jumanji is available from the Arch User Repository.

Method 2: From Source

Grab the source from git, change the config.h as desired, compile and install as follows:

git clone git://pwmt.org/jumanji.git
cd jumanji
make install



To modify config.h:

  • get jumanji-git PKGBUILD from AUR
  • makepkg
  • git --git-dir src/jumanji/ init
  • change src/jumanji/config.def.h
  • makepkg -e

rc file configuration

jumanji allows for a lot of user configuration either by modifying the config.def.h file or through a rc file located at ~/.config/jumanji/jumanjirc. you can set searchengines, homepages, custom stylesheets, user scripts, proxy. Change the default download directory and much more. A sample configuration file below shows how to customize jumanji.

# jumanji configuration
# search engines
searchengine ggl http://www.google.com/search?q=%s
searchengine wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?search=%s
# browser settings
set homepage http://www.google.com/ig
set auto_save 60
set single_instance false
# Use privoxy for adblocking
set proxy localhost:8118 
# look n feel
set font monospace normal 9
set stylesheet file:///home/inxs/.config/jumanji/style.css 
# follow hints
script ~/.config/jumanji/scripts/hinting.js
# downloads
set download_dir ~/downloads/
set download_command urxvt -e sh -c "wget --load-cookies ~/.config/jumanji/cookies '%s' -O '%s'";
# keybindings
map <C-,> nav_history previous
map <C-.> nav_history next
bmap ^DD$ quit


Below are some basic commands that can be used with jumanji

Look and Feel

C-m       = Toggle status bar
C-n       = Toggle tab bar

Page Navigation

o         = enter url to open in same tab
t         = enter url to open in new tab
j         = scroll down
k         = scroll up
h         = scroll left
l         = scroll right
C-d       = scroll down (half the screen)
C-u       = scroll up (half the screen)
space     = page down
gg        = beginning
G         = end
C-o       = back
C-i       = forward
:stop     = stop
r         = reload


zI        = zoom_in
zO        = zoom_out
z0        = zoom to original size


/        = search %s
?        = search reverse %s
:open    = start a search with your search engine %s (the first one in your jumanjirc is used)

Bookmarks and History

:bmark   = insert bookmark (bookmarks are saved in ~/.config/jumanji/bookmarks)
o <tab>  = show bookmarks and history to open in same tab
t <tab>  = show bookmarks and history to open in new tab

Link Following

f        = spawn numbers next to each hyperlink. Type the number after typing f to follow the link in the same tab [1]
F        = spawn numbers next to each hyperlink. Type the number after typing F to follow the link in a new tab
gh       = Go to homepage in the same tab
gH       = open homepage in a new tab
gf, C-s  = view source
gF       = view source in a new tab


gt  or C-Tab   or   S-k   = go to next tab
gT  or C-S-Tab or   S-j   = go to previous tab
xgt                       = go to tab number x, where x is any number 0-9
C-w                       = close tab


ZZ        = exit
C-q       = exit