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 这份文档是基于kde 4.1!

=何处获得kde 4.1:

 kde4.1 现在已经位于Extra Repository


See this thread for an announcement and the initial reactions to the move.


 pacman -S kde

Targets (20): kdelibs-4.1.0-4  kdeaccessibility-4.1.0-1  kdepimlibs-4.1.0-1  kdeadmin-4.1.0-1
              kdebase-runtime-4.1.0-2  kdebase-workspace-4.1.0-5  kdeartwork-4.1.0-1  kdebase-4.1.0-2
              kdeedu-4.1.0-1  kdegames-4.1.0-2  kdegraphics-4.1.0-3  kdemultimedia-4.1.0-1  libotr-3.2.0-1
              kdenetwork-4.1.0-2  kdepim-4.1.0-2  kdeplasma-addons-4.1.0-1  kdesdk-4.1.0-1
              kdetoys-4.1.0-1  kdeutils-4.1.0-1  kdewebdev-4.1.0-1

Total Download Size:    314.00 MB
Total Installed Size:   600.76 MB

as of today's date of 8/7/2008



The following was lifted from On The Road to KDE 4.1

Before you update you should read the following hints:

* This update will NOT be smooth. Not all config files of the old KDE are
compatible with 4.1. While the old are kept in ~/.kde the new ones are in
~/.kde4. They won't be converted automagically. You could try to copy some
files manually and see what happens. This might work for kmail, konqueror
and others, but will break things for others. Maybe KDE will release a tool
for doing this.

* If you want to use the KDE desktop make sure you have kdebase-workspace
installed, which includes the kdm, the taskbar etc.

* if pacman wants to replace packages: Answer YES :-)

* At the time of writing not all KDE-based packages have been rebuilt for use
with new KDE or "legacy libs". If you cannot wait, installing kdelibs3
should make them work. But this will be fixed in the repos before things are
pushed to [extra] of course.

* If you start KDM with inittab make sure to change its path from /opt/kde to

* Don't force the upgrade ( -f); report a bug instead

* You might want to (re)move your ~/Desktop folder if you don't like that
folder view

* The first login takes a while; don't worry about this. It's creating new
configs etc.
  • If you use an nvidia card, please read

How to get decent performance on KDE 4 using a NVIDIA graphics card

  • For a short overview about the new features read

kde4.1 Announcement


Samba/Windows support:

 If you want to have access to Windows services
 'pacman -S samba'.

Java support:

 If you want to have Java support:
 'pacman -S jre'

Printing support:

 If you want to have printing support:
 'pacman -S <enteryourfavouriteprintingsystemhere>'
 (This is not verified at the time of this writing)

Font Defaults:

 If you experience problems with the default fonts setting, e.g.
 that special characters for your language do not appear, try to
 set the fonts in 'System Settings' to a font which supports that characters

KDM Xserver file:

 Reference file /usr/share/config/kdm/kdmrc
 See /usr/share/doc/HTML/en/kdm/kdmrc-ref.docbook for all options

Dbus/Hal Stuff:

 Please add 'dbus' 'hal' to rc.conf daemon's list 
 for full media (works for me)

GPG/SSH Stuff:

 To disable gpg-agent and/or ssh-agent in KDE sessions,
 edit '/usr/env/agent-startup.sh' and


 Kdebindings has been built with support for Java and GTK.
 If you want to use these features use the following pacman commands:
 'pacman -S jdk'
 'pacman -S gtk'
 (This is not verified at the time of this writing)


 Kdesdk has been built with support for Subversion.
 If you want to use this feature use the following pacman command:
 'pacman -S subversion'

Changing DPI settings for KDM:

 Changing the DPI settings for KDE can be a little daunting, but this
 will show you how to do it.
 First, as root, you need to open the /usr/share/config/kdm/kdmrc
 file and add ServerArgsLocal=-dpi 96 to the [X-:*-Core] section (Or
 what ever DPI you want).
 Then, you simply exit out and restart X (CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE). 
 Note, this only applies if you are using KDM. If you are not using KDE,
 then the file you want to edit is /usr/X11/bin/startx. You will see a 
 line for defaultserverargs. Add "-dpi 96" (or what ever dpi you want) 
 and restart X.


 If you think you found a bug, please verify that this bug also happens
 with a new created user, with a clean setup, some bugs happen due to
 misconfiguration in config files. If the new user doesn't show the bug, 
 try to move the config files of your existing user.

 kde4 config files are usually located at: /home/$user/.kde4/share/config
 or if app specific at: /home/$user/.kde4/share/apps

Useful links:
Archlinux Bug Tracker: [1]
KDE Homepage: [2]
KDE Bug Tracker: [3]
KDE WebSVN: [4]
Control X Font DPI [5]

About KDE package splitting:

KDEmod is a (community-based) modulated version of KDE4, which includes a number of UI enhancements. See the KDEmod wiki for more information.

About why do packages appear before official release:

 Packagers get the tarballs a week earlier then official release, to have time
 to build and fix last showstoppers while building.
 --> the packages are most time the final ones when they appear in arch repos,
 even before official release.

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