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The KDE packages on Arch Linux follow a certain schema.

Build dir

A good way of building CMake packages is to make a build dir in the root of the project and run cmake from that dir. So, the build function in the PKGBUILD should start with the following lines:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../${pkgname}-${pkgver}

Install prefix

Follow the Arch Packaging Standards, every packages must set the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX variable, so please use:


Build type

Please specify the build type, this makes really simple rebuild a package with debug symbols by just using a sed rule.


Package naming


Plasmoids packages should be named kdeplasma-applets-plasmoidname so that they are recognizable as KDE related packages; this also distinguishes them from the officials one.

.install files

For many KDE packages, all .install files look almost exactly the same. Some packages install icons in the hicolor icon theme; use the xdg-icon-resource util provided by the xdg-utils package which is a dependence of the qt package. So use this line:

xdg-icon-resource forceupdate --theme hicolor &> /dev/null

Many packages install Freedesktop.org compatible .desktop files and register MimeType entries in them. Running update-desktop-database in post_install is recommended as that tool is provided by the desktop-file-utils package which is a dependence of the qt package. So use this line:

update-desktop-database -q