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KDE Wallet

KDE Wallet Manager is a tool to manage the passwords on your KDE system. By using the KDE wallet subsystem it not only allows you to keep your own secrets but also to access and manage the passwords of every application that integrates with the KDE wallet.

Using the KDE Wallet to store ssh keys

Install Kssaskpass from it's AUR page.

Create the file


Add this content

export SSH_ASKPASS=/usr/bin/ksshaskpass
ssh-add </dev/null

Make it executable and run

chmod +x ~/.kde/Autostart/ssh-add.sh

It will ask for your password and unlock the your ssh keys.

KDE Wallet for firefox

There is an addon to make firefox store passwords with firefox. Currently Firefox 3.5 is supported, but disabling addon checks means it can be made to work for Firefox 3.6.