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What is it

The KEYMAP variable is specified in the /etc/rc.conf file. It defines what keymap the keyboard is in the virtual consoles. Keytable files are provided by the kbd package.

What can it be

This is the list of known keymap settings to work for the corresponding keyboard layouts. Usually the "map.gz" extension can be ignored. The list of keymaps can be found in the /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/<arch> directory.

Keymap setting Keyboard
KEYMAP="" Brazilian Portuguese
KEYMAP="" Canadian-French
KEYMAP="" Croatian
KEYMAP="" Czech
KEYMAP="" French
KEYMAP="" German
KEYMAP="" German (no dead keys)
KEYMAP="" Lithuanian (qwerty)
KEYMAP="" Norwegian
KEYMAP="lat2-16.psfu.gz" Polish
KEYMAP="" Portuguese
KEYMAP="" Romanian
KEYMAP="" Russian
KEYMAP="slovene" Slovene
KEYMAP="" Swedish
KEYMAP="" Swiss-French
KEYMAP="" Swiss-German
KEYMAP="" Swiss-German
KEYMAP="" Spanish
KEYMAP="" Turkish
KEYMAP="" Ukrainian