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From the project github page:

Kmscon is a simple terminal emulator based on linux kernel mode setting (KMS). It is an attempt to replace the in-kernel VT implementation with a userspace console.


Despite its name, KMS is not a hard requirement for KMSCON. KMSCON supports the following video backends: fbdev (Linux fbdev video backend), drm2d (Linux DRM software-rendering backend), drm3d (Linux DRM hardware-rendering backend). Make sure one of them is available on your system.


KMSCON can function as a drop-in replacement for the in-kernel linux-console. Features include:

  • Full vt220 to vt510 implementation.
  • Full internationalization support:
    • KMSCON supports printing full Unicode glyphs, including the CJK ones.
    • KMSCON provides internationalized keyboard handling through libxkbcommon, thus allowing it to use the full range of keyboard layouts supported in X keyboard.
  • Hardware accelerated rendering.
  • Multi-seat capability.


Install kmscon from one of the official repositories. Alternatively, you can install kmscon-gitAUR from the Arch User Repository.

Replacing linux-console