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Kakoune is a modal text editor. It is inspired by Vim and similar alternatives, but tries to improve the text editing workflow as well as fit better to the Unix philosophy. Besides modal editing, two other main concepts are selection based editing, and multi-cursor editing. It has an interactive help system, and supports many languages.


Install the kakoune-gitAUR package.


:doc <topic> opens the documentation of <topic>.

It has an interactive help system, which means e.g. pressing g (goto mode) shows a dialog with possible keys and destinations, or it displays a help dialog with the description of the highlighted completion candidate in prompt mode.


Kakoune reads configuration from $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/kak.

The main configuration file is kakrc, and custom colorschemes can be stored in the colors directory.

Every *.kak file is loaded from autoload at startup. If this directory exists in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, Kakoune don't loads the system wide autoload dir (/usr/share/kak/autoload), so it have to be linked there. For example:

 ln -s /usr/share/kak/autoload $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/kak/autoload/default