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If you want to connect your google calendar with korganizer you need kcaldav from [[AUR]] package {{AUR|kcaldav}}{{Broken package link|{{aur-mirror|kcaldav}}}}.
After installing kcaldav you need to log out and in again to register the caldav service.
Now you can import your google calendar into korganizer:
* open korganizer (or kontact)
* click on the green '+' symbol to add a new calendar
* select CalDAV server from the list of available types
* address is:<nowiki> " https://www.google.com/calendar/dav/[calendar name]/events/ "</nowiki>
** you can get the calendar name, when you open google calendar in your browser, then go to
'''My calendars''' click on the down arrow for the calendar you want to import and select '''Calendar settings'''
** copy the name of the calendar; the default name would be <name>@gmail.com
* enter your username and password in the appropriate fields
Now you should be able to use google calendar from within korganizer.

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