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Since version 0.19, Kerbal Space Program includes a native Linux version. However, only Ubuntu 12.04 is officialy supported, so it may not work on Arch Linux out of the box.

Known issues

Game never progresses past initial loading

To fix this, set:


No text display

The game requires Arial and Arial Black fonts, provided in the ttf-ms-fontsAUR AUR package.

Graphics flickering when using primusrun

Run with PRIMUS_SYNC=2 (but you will get reduced frame rate this way)

Game crashes when accessing settings or saves on 64 bit systems on Steam

In the properties for Kerbal Space program, set a launch option of:

LC_ALL=C %command%_64

Game has garbled graphics when running on x86_64 with all lib32 drivers installed

Steam launches the KSP.x86 executable vs the KSP.x86_64 executable. Navigate to

/home/$USER/.local/share/Steam/common/Kerbal\ Space\ Program/ 

Launch with


More elegant solution to follow.

Game crashes when starting a game or opening the settings dialog =

There's a bug with current Mesa ( as of 57668 ), but luckily a patch exists.

Get the latest patch from here:

And recompile mesa with it.

This should only be considered a temporary solution

Also see here:!