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[[Category:Kernel (English)]]
#REDIRECT [[Kernels#Compilation]]
{{i18n|Kernel Compilation}}
Arch Linux provides for several methods of kernel compilation.
===Using the Arch Build System (recommended)===
Using the [[Arch Build System]] is recommended to take advantage of the high quality of the existing {{Pkg|linux}} [[PKGBUILD]] and the benefits of [[Wikipedia:Package management system|package management]]. The PKGBUILD is structured so that you can stop the build after the source is downloaded and configure the kernel.
See [[Kernel Compilation/Arch Build System]].
====Using the Arch User Repository====
There are packages in the [[AUR]] with alternate kernel configurations and patches. You can install them as is, or use them as a basis for your custom package instead of starting with the PKGBUILD for the official {{Pkg|linux}} package. See [[Kernels#Found in the AUR]].
Alternatively, you can compile a kernel without the [[Arch Build System]] (the traditional method). This method involves manually downloading a source tarball, and building in your home directory as normal user. Once configured, two compilation/installation methods are offered; the traditional manual method as well as makepkg/pacman.
An advantage of the traditional method is that it will work on other Linux distributions.
See [[Kernel Compilation/Traditional]] or [[Kernel Compilation/Alternative Manual Method]] (should be merged).
A script is available which automates the traditional non-[[Arch Build System]] compilation method. See [[Kernel Compilation/Script]].
==Proprietary NVIDIA driver==
See [[NVIDIA#Alternate install: custom kernel]] for instructions on using the proprietary NVIDIA driver with a custom kernel.
==See also==
*[http://www.kroah.com/lkn/ O'Reilly - Linux Kernel in a Nutshell] (free ebook)

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