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#REDIRECT [[Kernels#Compilation]]
{{i18n|Kernel Compilation}}
Arch Linux provides for several methods of kernel compilation.
===Using the Arch Build System (recommended)===
Using the [[Arch Build System]] is recommended to take advantage of the high quality of the existing {{Pkg|linux}} [[PKGBUILD]] and the benefits of [[Wikipedia:Package management system|package management]]. The PKGBUILD is structured so that you can stop the build after the source is downloaded and configure the kernel.
See [[Kernel Compilation/Arch Build System]].
====Using the Arch User Repository====
There are packages in the [[AUR]] with alternate kernel configurations and patches. You can install them as is, or use them as the basis for your custom package instead of starting with the PKGBUILD for the official {{Pkg|linux}} package. See [[Kernels#Found in the AUR]].
Alternatively, you can compile a kernel without the [[Arch Build System]] (the traditional method). This method involves manually downloading a source tarball, and building in your home directory as normal user. Once configured, two compilation/installation methods are offered; the traditional manual method as well as makepkg/pacman.
An advantage of the traditional method is that it will work on other Linux distributions.
See [[Kernel Compilation/Traditional]] or [[Kernel Compilation/Alternative Manual Method]] (should be merged).
A script is available which automates the traditional non-[[Arch Build System]] compilation method. See [[Kernel Compilation/Script]].
==Proprietary NVIDIA driver==
See [[NVIDIA#Alternate install: custom kernel]] for instructions on using the proprietary NVIDIA driver with a custom kernel.
==See also==
*[http://www.kroah.com/lkn/ O'Reilly - Linux Kernel in a Nutshell] (free ebook)

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