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The list of available kernels.


The Linux Kernel and modules. From current repo. More of less standard kernel from [[1]]


The Linux Kernel and modules, with the Beyond patchset. From extra repo. Features (may vary between releases) -ck Con Kolivas Patchset Gentoo's Genpatches Misc Fixes and Updates Undervolting Support IBM ACPI fan control Suspend2 Fbsplash Reiser4 Unionfs Squashfs Realtime-LSM Configurable Mouse Polling support Custom ACPI DSDT Layer7

[[2]] [[3]]


The Linux Kernel and modules (IDE built-in, SCSI as modules) [mm Kernel]


The Linux Kernel and modules (Con Kolivas high performance ck-patchset with specific emphasis on the desktop)


The Linux Kernel with suspend2 ( support.


The Linux Kernel and modules, with E-Mission patchset. Location: aur.