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Kolab is an unified communication and collaboration system, composed of a server-side daemon which offers storage and synchronization capabilities for contact, calendar, mail and file data. Clients can use several well defined formats like vCard, iCal, XML, IMAP and LDAP to communicate with the Kolab server.

Basic installation

Kolab server is available in the AUR via the pykolabAUR package.

Example configuration


At first, Kolab requires you to use a FQDN (fully qualified domain name), therefore adjust and append:

/etc/hosts	kolab.example.org	kolab


Dovecot IMAPD


Roundcubemail Plugin

Besides the basic Roundcubemail installation and configuration, this roundcube-kolabAUR plugin package is needed for advanced groupware functionality.

Test and start the server

systemctl enable kolabd
systemctl start kolabd

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