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Kxmame is a KDE port of the GXmame frontend for xmame and sdlmame emulators.
== How to obtain ==
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Download, build and install the [https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=15050 kxmane-svn] AUR package.
== Steps to follow after installation ==
* Install sdlmame (available in [community]).
* Start kxmame, click through the first two error messages (regarding xmame) and then add '''"/usr/bin/sdlmame"''' to the '''Xmame/Xmess executables''' list.
* Click OK and then click No when prompted to rebuild the game list. After that, close kxmame.
* Create a '''"roms"''' directory inside '''"~/.mame"''' and move your roms into it.
* Start kxmame again and select Yes when prompted to rebuild the game list.
* Close the "Audit done" window.
You should now be able to start your roms from within kxmame.

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