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Notes: Talk:LaTeX (Discuss in Talk:LaTeX#)

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LaTeX is a popular markup language and document preparation system, often used in the sciences. The current implementation in Arch Linux is the TeXLive package.


The latex compiler is included in the texlive-core package. It can be installed with:

# pacman -S texlive-core

This package will be suitable for any non-specialized LaTeX needs. On its own, texlive-core should be suitable for most needs.

The package "TeX Live binaries" is also needed if one wants to compile a tex file.

# pacman -S texlive-bin

If you are looking for internationalization support, then the texlive-lang package provides various character sets and non-English features. It can be installed by:

# pacman -S texlive-lang

If extra funtionality is needed, various other packages add useful functionality to the core feature set. To get a complete LaTeX setup, the texlive-most package is available:

# pacman -S texlive-most

This package will install all of the available texlive packages available from the Arch Linux repositories.

For more information, see TeXLive.


While LaTeX can be written in a simple text editor, many people wish to edit LaTeX source in a specialized environment. Editors using various toolkits are below:

# pacman -S texmaker


Please note that GTK/+ can encompass both Gnome and XFCE environments.

  • Gedit - Supports LaTeX syntax highlighting, it is included in Gnome.
  • Winefish - A very light-weight LaTeX editing suite. It supports highlighting and code completion, compile-from-editor, among other things
# pacman -S winewish
  • Geany - An IDE that includes LaTeX syntax highlighting, building, and shows a list of environments/sections/labels in the sidebar.
# pacman -S geany


  • Kile - A user friendly TeX/LaTeX frontend for KDE
# pacman -S kile

See also

  • LyX - An advanced open-source WYSIWYM document processor
# pacman -S lyx