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Comment: Draft for Language checking, see ArchWiki:Requests#Language checking.

Spell checkers

  • GNU Aspell — Spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell.
http://aspell.net/ || aspell, dictionaries
  • Hunspell — Spell checker and morphological analyzer library and program.
https://hunspell.github.io/ || hunspell, dictionaries
  • Ispell — Interactive spell-checking program for Unix.
https://www.cs.hmc.edu/~geoff/ispell.html || ispell


  • Enchant — Wrapper library for generic spell checking.
https://abiword.github.io/enchant/ || enchant
  • gspell — Flexible API to implement spell checking in GTK+ applications.
https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/gspell || gspell
  • GtkSpell — Provides word-processor-style highlighting and replacement of misspelled words in a GtkTextView widget.
http://gtkspell.sourceforge.net/ || gtkspell, gtkspell3


Firefox, Thunderbird, Chromium and LibreOffice all use Hunspell directly, see the following sections:

Abiword uses its self-developed Enchant.

Grammar checkers

  • LanguageTool — Open source language checker, written in Java.
https://www.languagetool.org || languagetool
  • Style and Diction — Diction identifies wordy and commonly misused phrases. Style analyses surface characteristics of a document.
https://www.gnu.org/software/diction/ || dictionAUR


Firefox, Thunderbird, Chromium and LibreOffice all support grammar checking only through extensions. For LibreOffice, see LibreOffice#Grammar checking.

Abiword has a built-in grammar checker, see Abiword#Grammar checking.