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== Model List ==
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| Compaq Presario F700 || 2009.02 || Nvidia 7000M driver: ''nvidia'' || Nvidia HD audio with ALSA || Nvidia: OK || Atheros: OK<br>driver: ''ath5k'' || none || ACPI <br> Suspend to RAM/disk: OK <br> Used pm-utils + uswsusp <br> CPU frequency scaling: OK || N/A || Hangs for 20-30s when loading ACPI modules when on battery power. Some hotkeys do not work. Need to turn {{ic|AutoAddDevices}} to {{ic|false}} in [[Xorg]] configuration to fix keyboard layout problems. ||
| Compaq Presario CQ60-420ED || 2009.08 || Nvidia GeForce 8200M driver: ''nvidia'' || nVidia MCP72XE/MCP72P/MCP78U/MCP78S HD Audio using ALSA || nVidia MCP77 Ethernet || Atheros AR5001 driver: ''ath5k'' || none || Using {{AUR|laptop-mode-tools}} and {{Pkg|cpupower}} (replaces ''cpufrequtils''), haven't properly tested yet || Untested || The console framebuffer is a bit slow (using {{ic|1=vga=773}} in [[GRUB]]) and the wireless LED indicator flickers red and blue. Touchpad (scrolling) works with GNOME ||

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