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{{HCL/Laptops navigation}}
{{HCL/Laptops navigation}}
= Model Version =
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== Model List ==
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! rowspan=2 | Model Version:

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Model List

Model Version: Arch Linux
Install CD Version:
Hardware Support: Remark:
Video: Sound: Ethernet: Wireless: Bluetooth: Power Management: Modem: Other:
Clevo M350 Noodle Yes AC'97 with ALSA Yes n/a n/a Suspend-to-RAM yes, Suspend-to-disk no Yes, with slmodem IEEE-1394 not tested Front Panel keys doesn't work
Clevo W150HRM 2011.08.19 Intel 950GMA and Nvidia Optimus (Bumblebee works) Intel HDA (OK) Yes Yes Not tested - - - -
Clevo W110ER (April 2013) 2013.04.01 Intel HD Graphics 4000 (i915) and Nvidia GeForce GT 650M with Optimus (nvidia).

HDMI out works.

Bumblebee (3.1-6 and later) works with primus.

bbswitch (bbswitch-dkms-git from AUR, Dec 2013) works. The GT 650M powers down despite ACPI saying otherwise in dmesg.

nvidia binary driver works only sporadically with the default kernel ("GPU has fallen off the bus" in dmesg since kernel 3.10). However, nvidia 331.20 does load and work properly with linux-ck kernel (linux-ck-ivybridge 3.12.5-1 from repo-ck) if boot parameter "rcutree.rcu_idle_gp_delay=2" is given. See [1].

ALSA (snd_hda_intel) with PulseAudio

Integrated microphone works.

HDMI audio out works.

Analog headphone out works if the "Independent HP" switch in alsamixer is set to Off.

External microphone jack not tested.

Realtek 8168 (r8169), works. Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 (iwlwifi), unreliable on some 802.11n networks. A workaround is to disable 802.11n with module parameter "11n_disable=1". Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235, works after an initial "sudo hciconfig hci0 up" which persists after reboot. Suspend to disk and ram works (see note on card reader). n/a Webcam works (uvcvideo).

All Fn-keys work.

Screen brightness control works.

Touchpad works with multitouch support.

USB3.0 not tested.

Card reader Realtek 5289 works (rtsx_pci). On kernels 3.8.7 - 3.8.11 sometimes the rtsx_pci_ms module prevents suspend to disk and ram by spawning a kworker which keeps an active workqueue. One workaround is to unload the module before suspend and reload immediately after.

Battery reports percentage of charge, not the time left, which is a BIOS/ACPI limitation.

A highly Linux-friendly machine. Tested only in BIOS mode, not in UEFI.