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The Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 is for the most part compatible with Arch Linux. The wireless and wired chip, Bluetooth, and graphics are all supported. The only troublesome step is enabling graphics; see the sections below for further info.
===Intel graphics===
This machine has two video cards, an Intel HD 4000 integrated chip and a discrete Nvidia GTX 660M.
If you only wish to use the Intel chip, for improved battery life, lower temperatures, or less complexity, you can simply install {{Pkg|xf86-video-intel}} and use the Intel driver. This will leave the NVIDIA card disabled, but it will still use power. To completely disable the NVIDIA card, enter the Y580's BIOS and on the "Configuration" tab, change "Graphic Device" from "Switchable Graphic" to "UMA Graphic". If these options are not there, you may need to update the BIOS.
===NVIDIA graphics===
The Intel card cannot be disabled in BIOS, so Optimus must be configured in order to access the NVIDIA graphics. See the wiki page on [[Optimus]] for an in-depth description of the process.

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