Lenovo ThinkPad SL510

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In general it was easy to install Arch Linux on the Lenovo ThinkPad SL510.

Used Model

I don't know if it depends on the model, but I feel obliged to say that this article is tested with a NSL7MGE (2847-7MG).


Foo!!!!!!! YOU MUSN'T USE the 32BIT VERSION!!!! YOU HAVE TO USE THE 64BIT VERSION!!!!! if you dont you could get problems like me: your OS laggs, is slow and sucks! I've now installed linux with 64bit and all works perfectly.

This works automatically

  • Hard drive
  • Keyboard
  • Touchpad (without scrolling!)
  • Trackpoint
  • Screen(-resolution)
  • Elan
  • Wlan
  • Sound
  • Webcam

This doesn't work yet

  • ThinkVantage-Button