Lenovo ThinkPad T430s

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Known issues

The following are known problems and workarounds for the Lenovo Thinkpad T430s, and likely also for the related models (X230, T430, T530).

Open issues

  • The usual issue with laptop hard drives and disk head parking: see here
  • At least on one T430s, using QCad with SNA would reliably crash Xorg. A workaround is using UXA instead of SNA. (issue)
  • Sometimes, switching the keyboard backlight on via Fn+Space doesn't work properly: at first the backlight just stays off, and when one presses the combination again, it goes to directly to 'high', skipping the 'low' mode.


  • Fixed: when opening/closing the lid, the screen would freeze. One could recover from this by suspending and waking up again. (issue)
  • Backlight works out of the box again now.
  • The microphone button didn't work, it neither generated ACPI events nor keypresses. Works now (emits XF86AudioMicMute).
  • Fixed accurately setting the brightness levels with the Fn + brightness up/down shortcut keys. (Solution)