Lenovo ThinkPad T430s

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Known issues

The following are known problems and workarounds for the Lenovo Thinkpad T430s, and likely also for the related models (X230, T430, T530).

Open issues

  • The usual issue with laptop hard drives and disk head parking: see here
  • At least on one T430s, using QCad with SNA would reliably crash Xorg. A workaround is using UXA instead of SNA. (FS#31617)
  • Sometimes, switching the keyboard backlight on via Fn+Space doesn't work properly: at first the backlight just stays off, and when one presses the combination again, it goes to directly to 'high', skipping the 'low' mode.


  • Fixed: when opening/closing the lid, the screen would freeze. One could recover from this by suspending and waking up again. (FS#30690])
  • Backlight works out of the box again now.
  • The microphone button didn't work, it neither generated ACPI events nor keypresses. Works now (emits XF86AudioMicMute).
  • Fixed accurately setting the brightness levels with the Fn + brightness up/down shortcut keys. (Solution)

Laptop Settings

Xbindkeys can be used to customize keybindings provided by this machine, e.g. to shutdown monitor with the black button next to microphone button, add following to ~/.xbindkeysrc, and then run xbindkeys

 # Close display
 "xset dpms force off"
    m:0x0 + c:156

other options can be found from Lenovo ThinkPad T420#Volume up/down not changing volume