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Installing libavfilter with ffmpeg

The ffmpeg in the current repositories comes without most filters, such as overlay and movie. Those are needed if you want to watermark videos or add a logo to a video. To enable them, you'll have to install ffmpeg from SVN and configure it with --enable-filter=movie --enable-avfilter-lavf

1. Install libavfilter from SVN

 svn co svn://

2. Configure and make:

 ./configure --enable-filter=movie --enable-avfilter-lavf

The new ffmpeg binary will in the the 'ffmpeg' folder.

Example for watermarking a video with ffmpeg:

 ffmpeg -i video.avi -vf "movie=0:png:logo.png [wm];[in][wm] overlay=X:Y:1 [out]" out.avi

You'll have to replace X and Y with the actual offset in the video.