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Libcanberra is a simple abstract interface for playing event sounds. It implements the XDG Sound Theme and Naming Specifications for generating event sounds on free desktops, such as GNOME. Further description here


The libcanberra package is available from the Extra repository. Install libcanberra from a terminal with the following command: Template:Cli

Note: Usually you don't have to install libcanberra explicitly, since all applications that requires libcanberra depends on it.

ALSA backend is included in libcanberra package, GStreamer and PulseAudio backends can be installed optionally as separated packages: Template:Cli

OSS backend is available in libcanberra-ossAUR package from AUR.

In order to hear any event sound, you have to install a sound theme. The default sound theme is sound-theme-freedesktop, which can be installed by the following command: Template:Cli Alternatively you could install ubuntu-soundsAUR from AUR, and modify your sound theme setting.

Tips & Tricks

Write your own canberra app

You can write your own libcanberra sound events easily in some programming languages, or you can simply use bash.









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