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The following packages are needed

  • rpmextract
  • libstdc++5
pacman -S rpmextract libstdc++5


First, go to and get the following RPM packages:

best would be, to create a subfolder inside your home-folder:

mkdir lightscribe

and save the packages there


now, go to the desired directory and extract the packages using rpmextract: lightscribe-*intel.rpm lightscribeApplications*intel.rpm

Now, there are three new subfolders:


these have to be moved:

mv -R opt/ /
mv -R usr/ /
mv -R etc/ /

now, create a symbolic link:

ln -sf /opt/lightscribeApplications/SimpleLabeler/SimpleLabeler /usr/bin/SimpleLabeler

and finally you can start by typing:


that's all

If you want to adjust contrast (often it's not dark enough), you can run


as root.

For 64 bits systems, just install this package too :

pacman -S  lib32-libstdc++5