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Getting Started

Searching for a good software and not trash looking for writing sheet music in linux? LilyPond! Are you tired of pointing and clicking? LilyPond! Are you tired of having dual-boot systems so you could just write music? LilyPond! Are you tired of cracks and illegal software? LilyPond!

Torn between two operating systems.

My only barrier on deleting Windows from my hard disk was that i am an artist. I was searching for a good comercial software for writing sheet music. I was waiting for years on Sibelius Software to give a port for linux but like they didn't care. But due to their lack of interest i have found this amazing software that i could only dream off.

How to install?

For a quick start:

~# pacman -S lilypond

To see how this software realy works create a text file called ‘test.ly’ and enter:

~# cat > test.ly
 c' e' g' e'

and then hit Ctrl+D to save. To process ‘test.ly’, proceed as follows:

~# lilypond test.ly

It will create test.pdf and test.ps files. Open it with your favorite viewer.


Which editor to use?

I have tried few but the most i liked is JEdit with lilyPondTools plugin.

~# pacman -S jedit

Open JEdit and go to Plugins -> Plugin Manager. Select Install tab and click on LilyPondTools. Hit the Install button.

More usefull info

Under plugins install LookAndFeel. You can find good stuff under Visual.

For tutorial on how to use this software visit LilyPond [1] website.