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Taken from the LilyTerm page: LilyTerm is a terminal emulator based off of libvte that aims to be fast and lightweight

It features:

  • "Single Instance Application" mode: launching another session of LilyTerm as another window of the original/parent LilyTerm - thus the LilyTerm started after the first one takes considerably less time to load
  • Support for tabbing, coloring and reordering tabs
  • The ability to manipulate tabs through keybindings
  • True transparency support (requires enabled compositing)
  • Support for background transparency and saturation.
  • Custom foreground/background colors and colors
  • Ability to change encoding environment for current or new tab on-the-fly (UTF-8 by default)
  • Hyperlink support.
  • Fullscreen support.
  • Dimming on lost focus
  • Several customization options: Rebinding keys, for instance
  • User/system-profile support.
  • Extensive UTF-8 support.


LilyTerm can be installed from the [community]-Repository:

# pacman -S lilyterm


The desired options can be set via the dropdown menu which appears on right-clicking inside the window. Any changes made will be written to ~/.config/lilyterm.conf

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