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Kernel26-ck is a package available in the AUR that allows users to compile a kernel with Con Kolivas' CK1 patchset including the Brain Fuck Scheduler (BFS) and all other goodies contained in the patchset. The major goal of the BFS parallels that of Arch: simplicity (with respect to talk scheduling). Many chose to use it for its excellent desktop interactivity and responsiveness under any load situation.

For more on the BFS, see:

Installation Options

Users have two options to get this great kernel package.

1. Download and Compile

[Link to AUR Page] Users can customize this package via tweaks to up to four options within the PKGBUILD to allow for:

  1. Optional addition of BFQ patches
  2. Optional nconfig option
  3. Option to compile a minimal set of modules via a make localmodconfig
  4. Option to bypass the standard ARCH config options and simply use the current kernel's .config file

More details about these options are provided in the PKBUILD itself.

2. Unofficial Kernel26-ck Repo

If users would rather not spend the time to compile on their own, graysky is in the process of making an unofficial repo available to the community. Current contents are:

  • kernel26-ck + headers. Compiled with generic optimizations suitable for any compatible CPU just like the official ARCH kernel26 package (x86_64/i686).
  • kernel26-ck-atom + headers. Compiled with Intel Atom specific optimizations (x86_64/i686).
  • kernel26-ck-core2 + headers. Compiled with Intel Core2/Newer Xeon specific optimizations (x86_64).
  • kernel26-ck-k7 + headers. Compiled with AMD K7 specific optimizations (i686).
  • kernel26-ck-p4 + headers. Compiled with Intel Pentium 4 specific optimizations (i686).
  • nvidia-ck. Matching kernel modules for kernel26-ck (x86_64/i686).
Note: This repo is currently under development. Details will be posted here when it is ready.

Discussion Thread

[Link to discussion thread]. Link to discussion thread