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This list is purely a point of reference for people looking for software to fill a particular need. No flame wars.

Text Editors

Chat Clients

  • Weechat - ncurses IRC client
  • Irssi - ncurses IRC client
  • Bitlbee - Instant Message from your IRC client
  • Pidgin - A GTK2 multi-protocol IM client

Image Viewers

  • feh - Can be used to set wallpapers
  • gqview - A stand-alone GTK2 image viewer

Web Browsers

  • Firefox - GTK2- and Gecko-based browser
  • Opera - QT- and Presto-based browser
  • Konqueror - QT- and KHTML-based browser. A part of the KDE desktop.
  • Epiphany - A GNOME reworking of Firefox, really.

Mail Clients

Window Managers

  • Compiz - A compositing window manager that's a lot like GNOME's Metacity
  • Fluxbox - A lightweight, easily configurable window manager.
  • Openbox - Similar to other *boxen but much more mature.
  • Enlightenment - Another lightweight window manager with slightly different focus than the *boxen.


Window managers that tile work by partitioning off areas of the screen and are designed to maximize the usage of the screen without forcing the user to muck around with window positions and frames.

Desktop Environments


  • conky - A wonderful system monitor
  • Yaourt - A frontend to pacman that allows you to directly acquire AUR packages


  • mplayer - "the oh-so-popular movie player for Linux"
  • Sonata - A Python-based front-end to mpd
  • ncmpc - An ncurses-based front-end to mpd
  • Audacious - A Winamp clone like Beep and old XMMS versions
  • Audacity - A sound editor