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Graphics Editors


Blender is an open-source application user for 3D modeling, texturing, and animation, among other things. It is available in the extra repository. Simply type

pacman -S blender

There are a number of additional patches and tools for blender the the Arch User Repository.


GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. Started in the mid 1990s, it is a image editing suite in a similar vein to proprietary editors like Adobe Photoshop. Arch Linux has a large number of plugins and additional tools for GIMP in its repositories. Type

pacman -S gimp

to install GIMP. Additionally, to search for extra tools, plugins and addons for GIMP, you can type

pacman -Ss gimp

There are also a large number of packages in the Arch User Repository. You may also be interested in reading CMYK support in The GIMP.

GIMP homepage


KolourPaint is a free, raster graphics editor for the KDE, similar to Microsoft's Paint application before Windows 7, but has some additional features such as support for transparency. Type

pacman -S kdegraphics-kolourpaint



Krita (Swedish for crayon) is the digital painting and illustration software included based on the KDE platform and KOffice libraries. Type

pacman -S koffice-krita



MyPaint is a free software graphics application for digital painters. Type

pacman -S mypaint


Sound Editors


Audacity is a popular digital sound recorder and editor that lets users use a graphical user interface to manipulate audio. It is available in the arch repos, simply type

pacman -S audacity


Ecasound is a command-line sound recorder.

home page