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  • Speedcrunch - A feature-rich scientific calculator.
  • ExtCalc - A feature-rich scientific calculator.
  • KAlgebra - calculator and 3D plot.
  • Qalculate - calculator and equation solver with fault-tolerant parsing. Recognises constants and units.

Computer Algebra System

  • Maxima - "Maple/Mathematica"-like program or its frontend wXMaxima.
  • Sage - "Maple/Mathematica-like"-like program in python.

Scientific or Technical Computing

  • Matlab - Widely used for scientific computing and data processing (proprietary!).
  • Octave - "Matlab"-like program or its frontend QtOctave.
  • Freemat - "Matlab"-like program.
  • Scilab - "Matlab"-like program.
  • Euler - Mathematical programming environment like MatLab or Octave
  • Englab - Cross-compile mathematical platform with a C like syntax.


  • PSPP - Free SPSS implementation (Graphical:PSPPire).
  • RKWard - Frontend for the statistical language R.

Data Evaluation

Chemistry and Biology

Molecule Viewer

  • Avogadro - Edit and view 3D molecule structures (also .pdb) and simulate.
  • Ghemical - Edit and view 3D molecule structures (also .pdb) and simulate.
  • Rasmol - View 3D molecule structures.
  • Pymol - View 3D molecule structures.

Molecule Drawing

  • BkChem - Practical and goodlooking skeletal formula molecule drawing program.
  • XDrawChem - Extensive skeletal formula molecule drawing program (incl. spectroscopy prediction).
  • EasyChem - Simple skel]etal formula molecule drawing program.
  • Chemtool - Skeletal formula molecule drawing program.

Periodic Table

  • Kalzium - Periodic table of the elements with molecule editor and equation solver (from KDE project).
  • GElemental - Periodic table of the elements and additional information.


  • Bioclipse - Aims to be a complete biochemistry office suite.



  • Qucs - Electronic circuit simulation.
  • Oregano - Electronic circuit simulation.
  • QElectroTech - Draw advanced electrical circuits.
  • KiCad - Design schematics for printed circuit boards.
  • KSimus - Logical circuits simulation.
  • KLogic - Logical circuits simulation.

Physics Simulation

  • Code Aster - Simulation for civil and structural engineering.
  • Step - Physics Simulation Educative physics simulation (KDE).

Unit Conversion

  • Convertall - Convert between different physical units.
  • Gonvert - Convert between different physical units.