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The default installation of Arch provides Bash as shell interpreter and does not contain any Desktop Environment, therefore forces users to choose one themselves. Most Arch boxes run some X11 Window Manager and/or Desktop Environment, but of course there are still people who prefer doing everyday tasks in bare console.


See also Wikipedia:Bootsplash.

  • Fbsplash — Gentoo implementation as bootsplash program || fbsplashAUR
  • Plymouth — The new graphical boot process for Fedora, replacing the aging Red Hat Graphical Boot || plymouthAUR
  • Splashy — A graphical boot process designed to replace the aging Bootsplash program || splashy-fullAUR

Command shells

See the main article: Command-line shell.

See also Wikipedia:Comparison of command shells.

Terminal multiplexers

  • abduco — Tool for session attach and detach support which allows a process to run independently from its controlling terminal. || abduco
  • dtach — Program that emulates the detach feature of screen. || dtach
  • GNU Screen — Full-screen window manager that multiplexes a physical terminal. || screen
  • tmux — BSD licensed terminal multiplexer. || tmux
  • byobu — An GPLv3 licensed addon for tmux or screen. It requires a terminal multiplexer installed. || byobuAUR

Desktop environments

See the main article: Desktop environment#List of desktop environments.

See also Wikipedia:Comparison of X Window System desktop environments.

Window managers


See also #Terminal multiplexers, which offer some of the functions of window managers for the console.

  • dvtmdwm-style window manager in the console. || dvtm
  • twin — Text-mode window manager. || twin


See the main article: Window manager#List of window managers.

See also Wikipedia:Comparison of X window managers.

Window tilers

  • PyTyle3 — An automatic tiler that is compatible with Openbox Multihead with faster action and lower memory footprint. || pytyle3-gitAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror]
  • PyWO — Allows you to easily organize windows on the desktop using keyboard shortcuts. || not packaged? search in AUR
  • QuickTile — Lightweight standalone alternative to Compiz Grid plugin. || quicktile-gitAUR
  • stiler — A simple python script to convert any wm to tiling wm. || stiler-grid-gitAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror] stilerAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror]
  • Tile-windows — Tool for tiling windows horizontally or vertically. || tile-windowsAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror]
  • wumwum — The Window Manager manager. It can turn emwh compliant window managers into a tiling window manager while retaining all initial functionalities. || wumwumAUR

Virtual desktop pagers

See also Wikipedia:Pager (GUI).

  • bbpager — Dockable pager for blackbox and other window managers. || bbpager
  • fbpager — Virtual desktop pager for fluxbox. || fbpager-gitAUR
  • IPager — A configurable pager with transparency, originally developed for Fluxbox. || ipagerAUR
  • Neap — An non-intrusive and light pager that runs in the notification area of your panel. || neapAUR
  • Netwmpager — A NetWM/EWMH compatible pager. || netwmpagerAUR
  • obpager — Pager for Openbox writen in C++. || obpagerAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror]
  • Pager — A highly configurable pager compatible with Openbox Multihead. || pager-multihead-gitAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror]

Support applications

Login managers

See the main article: Display manager#List of display managers.

Composite managers

See the main article: Xorg#List of composite managers.

Taskbars / panels / docks || avant-window-navigatorAUR
  • Bmpanel — Lightweight, NETWM compliant panel. || bmpanel2AUR
  • Cairo-Dock — Highly customizable dock and launcher application. || cairo-dock
  • Daisy — KDE Plasma widget which acts as a dock. || kdeplasma-applets-daisyAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror]
  • Docker — Docking application which acts as a system tray. || docker-trayAUR
  • Docky — Full fledged dock application that makes opening common applications and managing windows easier and quicker. || docky
  • fbpanel — Lightweight, NETWM compliant desktop panel. || fbpanel || gnome-panel
  • KoolDock — KDE3 docker with great effects that tries to resemble the OS X dock. || kooldock-svnAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror]
  • LXPanel — Lightweight X11 desktop panel and part of the LXDE desktop. || lxpanel
  • MATE Panel — Panel included in the MATE desktop. || mate-panel
  • PerlPanel — The ideal accompaniment to a light-weight Window Manager such as OpenBox, or a desktop-drawing program like iDesk. || perlpanelAUR
  • Plank — Elegant, simple, clean dock from pantheon desktop environment. || plank
  • PyPanel — Lightweight panel/taskbar written in Python and C. || pypanel
  • qtpanel — Project to create useful and beautiful panel in Qt. || qtpanel-gitAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror] || stalonetray
  • Tint2 — Simple panel/taskbar developed specifically for Openbox. || tint2
  • Trayer — Lightweight GTK+-based systray. || trayer
  • wbar — Quick launch bar developed with speed in mind. || wbar
  • Xfce Panel — Panel included in the Xfce desktop. || xfce4-panel

Application launchers

See also Wikipedia:Comparison of desktop application launchers.

  • ADeskBar — Easy, simple and unobtrusive application launcher for Openbox. || adeskbarAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror]
  • Albert — An application launcher inspired by Alfred. || albertAUR
  • Bashrun2 — Provides a different, barebones approach to a run dialog, using a specialized Bash session within a small xterm window. || bashrun2AUR
  • dmenu — Fast and lightweight dynamic menu for X which is also useful as an application launcher. || dmenu
  • dmenu-extended — An extension to dmenu for quickly opening files and folders. || dmenu-extendedAUR
  • dmenu-launch — Simple dmenu-based application launcher. Launches binaries and XDG shortcuts. || dmenu-launchAUR
  • dswitcherdmenu-based window switcher that works regardless of workspace or minimization. || dswitcher-gitAUR
  • Fehlstart — Small GTK+-based application launcher. || fehlstart-gitAUR
  • Gmrun — Lightweight GTK+-based application launcher, with the ability to run programs inside a terminal and other handy features. || gmrun
  • GNOME Do — Application launcher inspired by Quicksilver with many plugins, originally developed for the GNOME desktop. || gnome-do
  • j4-dmenu-desktop — Very fast dmenu application launcher. || j4-dmenu-desktopAUR
  • higgins — A desktop agnostic application launcher, file finder, calculator and more. Plugin based and freely and easily extendable via user-written plugins || higgins-gitAUR
  • Kupfer — Convenient command and access tool for the GNOME desktop that can launch applications, open documents and access different types of objects and act on them. || kupferAUR
  • Launchy — Very popular cross-platform application launcher with a plugin-based system used to provide extra functionality. || launchy
  • Lighthouse — A simple scriptable popup dialog to run on X. || lighthouse-gitAUR
  • rofi — A popup window switcher roughly based on superswitcher, requiring only xlib and pango. || rofi
  • slingshot — An application launcher has a clear look, part of pantheon desktop environment. || slingshot-launcherAUR
  • Runa — Fast and light dmenu-driven application launcher, suitable for use standalone, integrated into file manager context menus, or as an 'xdg-open' replacement. Favourite applications can also be configured. || runaAUR
  • Synapse — Synapse is a semantic launcher written in Vala that you can use to start applications as well as find and access relevant documents and files by making use of the Zeitgeist engine. || synapse
  • Whippet — A launcher and xdg-open replacement for control freaks. Opens files and URLs with applications associated by name and/or mimetype. Applications and associations may be customized using an SQLite database. Uses dmenu to manage its menus. || whippetAUR
  • xboomx — Light dmenu wrapper that reorders commands based on popularity, written in Python. || xboomxAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror]
  • xfce4-appfinder — An eazy-to-use application launcher from Xfce. || xfce4-appfinder
  • Yeganesh — Light dmenu wrapper that reorders commands based on popularity, written in Haskell. || yeganeshAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror]

Logout dialogue

A few simple shutdown managers are available:

  • exitx-polkit — A GTK logout dialog for Openbox with PolicyKit support. || exitx-polkit-gitAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror]
  • exitx-systemd — A GTK logout dialog for Openbox with systemd support. || exitx-systemd-gitAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror]
  • oblogout — A graphical logout script for Openbox that may be used with other WMs. || oblogout
  • obshutdown — A great GTK/Cairo based shutdown manager for Openbox and other window managers. || obshutdownAUR[broken link: archived in aur-mirror]


Screen reading

  • Mimic — Text-to-speech voice synthesis from the Mycroft project || mimic-gitAUR
  • Orca — Screen reader for individuals who are blind or visually impaired || orca || simpleorcapluginsystem-gitAUR

Speech recognition

See the main article Speech recognition for applications.