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{{Filename|/etc/locale.conf}} is the system configuration file for locale settings. Its {{Codeline|LANG}} variable takes precedence over the {{Codeline|LOCALE}} variable from {{Filename|[[rc.conf|/etc/rc.conf]]}}. If {{Codeline|DAEMON_LOCALE}} is set in {{Filename|rc.conf}}, then the settings in {{Filename|locale.conf}} applies to daemons as well as login shells, otherwise it only applies to login shells.
{{Filename|/etc/locale.conf}} contains a new-line separated list of environment variable assignments. It supports {{Codeline|LANG}} as well as all the {{Codeline|LC_*}} variables, with the exception of {{Codeline|LC_ALL}}. The format is shared with systemd [http://0pointer.de/public/systemd-man/locale.conf.html].
The following is a sample file

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