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Lostfiles is a script for detecting orphaned files (files which are not owned by any Arch Linux packages).

The script ignores by default a series of directories where packages should not install files. Some files might appear as removed if they're placed in those directories which are not checked.

Script source


# LostFiles v0.2
# License: GPL v2.0 http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html

# Initially scripted by the Arch Linux Community
# Mircea Bardac (dev AT mircea.bardac.net)
# http://mircea.bardac.net/
# Modified by Jan Janssen

# Description:
# Search for files which are not part of installed Arch Linux packages

# Usage:
#  lostfiles > changes
# changes is a file containing a list of added/removed files

if [ $UID != "0" ]; then
       echo "You must run this script as root." 1>&2
comm -3 \
	<(pacman -Qlq | sed -e 's|/$||' | sort -u) \
	<(find / -not \( \
		-wholename '/dev' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/etc/ssl' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/home' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/lost+found' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/media' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/mnt' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/proc' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/root' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/run' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/sys' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/tmp' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/usr/share/mime/application' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/usr/share/mime/audio' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/usr/share/mime/image' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/usr/share/mime/inode' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/usr/share/mime/interface' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/usr/share/mime/message' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/usr/share/mime/multipart' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/usr/share/mime/text' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/usr/share/mime/uri' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/usr/share/mime/video' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/usr/share/mime/x-content' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/var/abs' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/var/cache' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/var/lock' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/var/lib/pacman' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/var/run' -prune -o \
		-wholename '/var/tmp' -prune \) | sort -u \
	) | sed -e 's|^\t||;'