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zh-CN:MPlayer MPlayer es un reproductor de películas populares para GNU / Linux. Tiene soporte para casi todos los formatos de audio y vídeo existentes y por lo tanto es muy versátil, aunque la mayoría de las personas lo utilizan para ver vídeos.


MPlayer puede ser instalado a partir de tres diferentes paquetes de los official repositories:

Versiones de desarrollo también están disponibles en AUR:

para la diferencia entre los 2 ver: MPlayer2 vs MPlayer.

Tips and Tricks

Automatic Resuming Where You Left Off

The AUR contains an elegant perl wrapper-script which will allow autoresuming from the point at which playback was stopped mplayer-resumerAUR.

Usage is trivial: simply call the wrapper-script in place of mplayer. Example:

$ mplayer-resumer [options] [path/]filename

If this script is restarted within $tdiff (default 5 seconds) then it will delete the file used to keep track of the videos resume position.


Watching 90% of a video and stopping causes you to return to the beginning again the next time you watch it. Remembering where you were in the video and resuming at that position is a much nicer behavior for the user. By default, mplayer spits out timecode information that tells you where you are in the video, to the tenth of a second. MPlayer also supports a seek feature on the command-line. We can make use of these features to write an mplayer wrapper that will remember the last position in a video file and resume to it on playback.


If the video file to be played is on a read-only filesystem, or otherwise lives in a location that cannot be written to, resume will fail. This is because the current implementation uses a file parallel to the video file to store the timecode.