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*[[Wikipedia:Cambria (typeface)|Cambria]]

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Summary help replacing me
Installing TrueType web-core (Microsoft) fonts and emulating Windows' font rendering
According to original Microsoft's End User License Agreement, there are some legal limitations when using the fonts.
Fonts: Information on adding fonts and font recommendations
Font Configuration: Font setup and beautification
Java Fonts - Sun JRE: Fonts specific to Sun's Java machine


Template:Package AUR is available in the AUR and includes:

Template:Package AUR is also available in the AUR and includes:

Sharp fonts resembling Windows XP

A complete guide on how to make the MS Fonts look as in Windows XP is found at http://www.sharpfonts.co.cc/. In short, install the fonts as described above and use the author's modified xml files.

Smooth fonts resembling Windows 7

Use Infinality's patched freetype2 package, and use the Windows 7 profile in the provided local.conf.