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ArchLinux Wiki

Welcome to the ArchLinux Wiki.


Wiki News

Occasionally something is newsworthy, but only to the wiki. In those events, check the Wiki News page for the latest lowdown on the Wiki.

Getting Help

Having trouble configuring something? Don't know where to look?

Although we are trying to address as many issues as possible, we are currently in the process of editing the wiki structure, and a lot of files are being moved.

Take a look at the old HowTos category for an obsoleted list of categories. This section still contains valuable information that has not yet been moved into the new sections.

Pages that have already been moved can be browsed by topic. There are also new sections that list articles by their type (e.g., HOWTOs, Tutorials, etc).

TIP: The search engine does not seem to work as users expect. Until this issue is resolved, you may use the lists of articles sorted by their type and use your browser's find function to look for titles that may interest you. If you feel lucky, you may still use the ArchWiki search engine (accessed via the panel on the left).

Giving Help

The Wiki team is currently looking for volunteers to help restructure and reorganize the wiki. If you have a little time to make a few minor or major edits, take a look at the Priority Todo and the WikiTodo pages to see how you can help. We're especially interested in having people recategorize the non-English pages. Coordinate your activities with admins and sysops, and maintainers.

Creating your own pages

You must create an account to start editing pages. Once done, you can play around in the Sandbox to familiarize yourself with ArchWiki markup. Your user page is another good place to play. There is a list of simple syntax in the Wiki Help Category. This link is also in the navigation bar. There is also a new section with some HOWTOs and guidelines (parts of the future wiki writers' and editors' guide).


Any question or suggestion see ContactList.