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ArchLinux Wiki

Welcome to the ArchLinux Wiki.

Wiki News

HowTo: Categories
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- Emulation
- General
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Occasionally something is newsworthy, but only to the wiki. In those events, check the Wiki News page for the latest lowdown on the Wiki.

Things to see and do

This is a simple list of locations in the wiki. Much of the wiki is browseable via the navigation bar on the left and right side of the site. The following links are placed here for visibility.

How Tos

Having trouble configuring something? Don't know where to look?
Chances are you will find something useful in the HowTos category. Navigate via categories, and try to find what you are looking for. If you don't find it, try using the search box under the navigation bar.

Creating your own pages

You must create an account to start editing pages. Once done, you can play around in the Sandbox to familiarize yourself with ArchWiki markup. Your user page is another good place to play. There is a list of simple syntax in the Wiki Help Category. This link is also in the navigation bar.


Any question or suggestion see ContactList