Map scancodes to keycodes

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scancodes are the lowest identification numbers for a key, they are from the kernel and are not used by applications that's why we have to map them to keycodes which correspond to functions.

See Extra Keyboard Keys for more informations.

There are two ways of mapping scancodes to keycodes:

  • Using HAL
  • Using the kernel tool setkeycodes

The preferred one is to use HAL because it uses hardware information (which is a quite reliable source) to choose the keyboard model in a database. It means that if your keyboard model as been defined in the database your keys are recognized "out of the box" and can be seen by Xorg. That's why by expanding the database you are helping the linux community and maybe someday we won't have to care about scancodes.

Using HAL

See HAL Keymap Quirks.

Using the kernel tool setkeycodes

See the detailed article: setkeycodes.